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The Developmental Disorders Roadmap: Helping Children and Young People with Additional Needs at Home, at School and Beyond


Caroline Bowen and Pamela Snow, with Philippa Brandon

Starting with the basics, this book carefully explains the nature and potential impact of developmental disorders.


When faced with the emotional, social and practical challenges of having a child with special needs, and then finding suitable intervention, parents typically have no contacts or insider knowledge and often have to start from square one, with little time to grieve or come to terms with their child’s predicament. They must educate themselves about their child’s disorder, their changing needs as they grow, and the confusing intervention marketplace, rife with hollow promises, and conflicting, inaccurate and often expensive information and advice.

Starting with the basics, The Developmental Disorders Roadmap carefully explains the nature and potential impact of developmental disorders. It guides readers towards interventions with good credentials, and hence more hope of success, while clarifying why some of the (albeit popular) cleverly marketed but non-evidence-based interventions, don’t, won’t or can’t work.

Grounded in science, ethics, and evidence-based practice, yet clearly written with no dense academic ‘jargon’, this book provides essential information on the validity of a plethora of interventions for all those involved in caring, in whatever capacity, for a child with additional needs: parents, teachers, and clinicians.

Forthcoming Autumn/Winter 2024

ISBN 978-1-907826-54-2
Price guide: £19.99, [+postage and packing]


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