Case Studies in Cleft Palate Speech: Data analysis and principled intervention


Anne Harding-Bell (Editor)

This book presents cleft palate case studies with phonological interpretation of phonetic transcription supported by video footage.


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This book presents cleft palate case studies with phonological interpretation of phonetic transcription supported by video footage. Uncomplicated cases are compared with complex cases which warrant detailed differential diagnosis. The case studies include infants, young children and older children progressing through to teenagers who are considering the possible “speech effects” of orthognathic surgery, and to adults returning to the cleft team with “life-limiting” speech problems.

Intervention approaches at different stages of care include:

  • preventative infant intervention
  • remedial strategies as children progress from babble to speech with a restricted phonetic repertoire
  • therapy for active, non-oral/compensatory speech patterns
  • techniques to address speech difficulties associated with hearing loss
  • techniques for adaptive therapy in cases of persisting VPD
  • therapy goals with adults

Over eight hours of video clips demonstrate specific speech characteristics, instrumental assessments, therapy techniques and child responses to different stimuli.

About the Editor
Anne Harding-Bell is a lecturer at the University of Sheffield, and is Lead Specialist Speech and Language Therapist with Cleft Net East, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She pioneered the first postgraduate cleft palate speech course at Homerton College, Cambridge in 2000, and presently is a member of the training team for cleft speech audit protocol training to cleft specialists in the USA. She has published widely in books and in Cleft Palate Craniofacial Journal and the International Journal of Disorders of Language and Communication.

Published September 2019

ISBN 978-1-907826-17-7
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Chapter 1. Introduction: Anne Harding-Bell

Chapter 2. The nature of speech associated with cleft palate : Sara Howard, Barry Heselwood and Anne Harding-Bell

Section II. 0-2 years Early vocalizations and developing speech: Assessment and intervention

Chapter 3. Infant vocalizations, babble and early speech: Marilyn Vihman and Anne Harding-Bell

Chapter 4. Early intervention for infants and young children with cleft palate: Mary A. Hardin-Jones and Kathy L. Chapman

Section III 3-12 years: Interpreting speech assessment data

Chapter 5. Speech and velopharyngeal dysfunction: Debbie Sell and Anne Harding-Bell

Chapter 6. Phonetic constraints and phonological consequences in cleft palate speech: Sarah Howard, Barry Heselwood and Anne Harding-Bell

Chapter 7. Differential diagnosis of velopharyngeal dysfunction: Anne Harding-Bell

Chapter 8. Hearing loss and the impact on speech in children with cleft palate: Suzanne C. Purdy, Jae-Hyun Kim and Anne Harding-Bell

Chapter 9. Speech with an oronasal opening in the hard or soft palate: Anette Lohmander and Anne Harding-Bell

Chapter 10. Diagnosis and intervention for cleft palate speech using electropalatograpy (EPG): Alice. Lee, Anne Harding-Bell, and Fiona Gibbon

Section IV Tailoring intervention to individual need

Chapter 11. A psycholinguistic approach to therapy with very young children born with cleft palate: Samantha Calladine and Maggie Vance

Chapter 12. Principles of intervention: Jane Speake and Anne Harding-Bell

Chapter 13. Collaborative intra-disciplinary care: Georgina Linford and Anne Harding-Bell

Chapter 14. A psychological approach to cleft-related speech difficulties in adolescence and adulthood: Claire Illingworth, Alison Jeremy and Anne Harding-Bell

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